A large city with a rapidly growing population, Plano, Texas, is home to many diverse cultures and traditions. With its large population of families and its booming economy, Plano has become an ideal spot for raising children. With this growth has come an influx of new businesses, attractions, and activities specifically geared toward the interests of children. This means that Plano is rapidly becoming a kid-friendly city, and its residents couldn’t be more delighted. More can be found here.

Plano has become so kid-friendly that it is often called “Kid Mania Downtown” by residents. The influx of businesses and activities geared toward children has also increased the number of parks, libraries, and museums in the area. Many of the parks and playgrounds have been turned into “lilac” spaces, which provide children with an interactive and safe space to explore. There are dozens of kid-friendly attractions in Plano. From the Play Street Museum, a traditional hands-on play museum, to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, which offers spectacular views and recreational activities, Plano has plenty of opportunities for its growing population of children. On any given night, downtown Plano will be bustling with children of all ages. Other popular attractions for families include the Texas Pool and the Rose Gardens. The Texas Pool, a 25-meter-deep free-floating pool, is a favorite spot for children because of its size and depth. The Rose Gardens are also a great location for a family outing, with manicured gardens and lush plants. Click here to read about Overview of the Crayola Experience Plano.